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Monday, November 12, 2007

Floral Buttons

So, I went to the Button Emporium last week and picked up a couple buttons for some baby sweaters I finished. Yes, it is the same so-called "5-hour" baby sweater pattern I have used consistently in the past. I'm just amazed how many variations come out of it!

I had picked up this white yarn at NW Wools on clearance probably over a year ago. I was getting ready to hop on a plane to Maryland and wanted an "easy" knitting project to take with me since I was in between projects. I didn't have any 100% cotton yarn to make some dishcloths, so I went with what I had. Well, as usual, I ran out of yarn! I refused to find a matching skein since that was beside the point that I was trying to use up left-over yarn. I went through my bin and found this purple yarn that I had used on a previous baby sweater (see photo below). I love it! I wasn't sure whether to add a button or not, but I went ahead and picked up this adorable purple plastic floral button.

Here is the same pattern with five buttons.

So, who are these sweaters for? Well, I had started the pink one for a little baby named Lucy. But, I'm thinking Lucy might be more of a purple type of girlie-girl. Her big sister tends to wear a lot of pink. I'll be giving the sweater to Lucy on Wednesday.

No matter what... it is always hard for me to part with my projects. Sometimes when I 'm thinking about how much I will miss a project when I give it away... I pray over it. Praying for the beloved who will receive it. That seems to make me feel a little better about handing it over!

April 2005.
The FIRST baby Sweater!
I hadn't learned to crochet a little tie, so I put in a white ribbon... it didn't last long! But this fuchsia is just phenomenal on my first baby model, Karen. (The above sweater with 5 buttons is the leftover from the skein I used to make this sweater over 2 1/2 years ago!

January 2006.
First time with buttons and a bonnet.
Since Karen loved to wear the first sweater so much whenever I saw her... I made her another one! (See my philosophy here... then I still get to see my project!) First time I went to Button Emporium for these delightful little floral buttons.

July 2006.
Let's try it in white with matching bonnet and booties!
Friends tried to persuade me to add an accent color, but I liked the all white for a change.

November 2006.
Trying to have the pattern look
a little less frilly... for a miracle baby boy!

What a fun walk down memory lane... and, actually, there have been more, but I forgot to take photos!


yardenxanthe said...

It's so fun to see all your sweaters in one post - they are all so cute and varied. I really like the way the white sweater with the emergency purple trim turned out - so cute. The purple button is perfect, too! Also, it's really fun to see pictures of the sweaters on their recipients!

I posted on Christopher's blog... but not to win the prize. :) We all like comments.

walkalongside said...

Adorable!! I am especially fond of the purple one, of course. I like the new one with white and purple trim. The colors reminded me of a baby blanket I crocheted many, many years ago.

Anonymous said...

All the sweaters are so cute. The white with the purple is my favorite one.
Love Ruth