“Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road;
make me a fork
, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.” - Jim Elliot

Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Sneak Peak!


Well, here's a sneak peak at the box I sent today (via USPS Priority) to Lori at Girls in the Garden. Lori's name was forwarded to me by the swap coordinators at Domestic Bliss. After viewing how talented Lori is at sewing, I was a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, we share the love of gardening, so I decided to use that as the theme (hmmm... imagine that!) ... Okay, enough for now. I want Lori to get her box before I spill all the goods. I'll admit that I was surprised at the amount of time I spent pulling it together... and the worse part is the clean up! After that being said, it was a good exercise of my creativity. Exercise is always good, right?

Sorry, if you've missed me... We just returned from my brother-in-law's wedding in Maryland. I still can't believe that the weather cooperated. It made for some really beautiful photos. But more about that in another post...


Ladybug Landing said...

Thanks for the tip on the bloglines. It has made my life easier! Still not blogging... I think I am a lost cause. I did miss you. Glad you had a good time. Your care package is BEAUTIMUS!!!

Lori said...

Wow, such a beautiful package. I can't wait for the mailman to come!

Carrie said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am loving this swap, aren't you? How fun!

Great blog you have here, I'll be back again!

God bless :)