“Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road;
make me a fork
, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.” - Jim Elliot

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Give Away: The Blessing Part Deux

This is a follow-up to "Give Away: The Blessing" posted on January 26th.

I am having a great time reading your comments about "comments." After I posted it, I was afraid that I was begging for comments (okay, that's not far from the truth), or too needy. But to my delight I am learning more about you... and well, actually, more about me. (Gee, I hate that!) I started wondering... why don't I leave more comments? Well, today I found a new excuse.

Two days ago I left a comment on someone's blog. It was what I thought was an insightful comment. (aren't they all?) The post was not the most recent. And I was the only one who left a comment... at the time. Unfortunately, I had checked that little box on the comments page that says something like "e-mail me if anyone else leaves a comment on this post."

Today, someone (not the blogger) felt it necessary to make a comment about my comment. And not a favorable one. It challenged what I had said, which I still completely stand by... but my blood was boiled. I went to the Bible to make sure what I stated was correct or incorrect... but in all actuality... what would I do if I found out I was right? Leave a comment about her comment? or go to her blog and leave her a comment on one of her posts?

Note to self: Consider all consequences and scenarios prior to checking little boxes.

Hey, there's still time to stop by the Give Away (aka Freebie) and leave a comment about why you don't always leave a comment....

A note to "*" (you know who you are... did you find the other mention? this is the third!), I know you already have the CD, so if you win, we'll pick out something else! and to our darling friend who wants to start a blog... here's your chance... leave a comment to get the ball rolling! LOL


Anonymous said...

I have another reason people do not leave comments. Sometimes if you want to remain anonymous it won’t let you post! So if you are confused, I have entered your site 7, or so, times today.

I found the second!

I’m feeling really bad you thought I didn’t want to be your friend (one of J. Wyatt’s spelling words this week). This is something we should hash over. I’m sure I can enlighten you. . .

I’m thinking maybe another reason people don’t want to leave a comment is because they are bad spellers? ? ? I get really anxious before I send my comment that I spelled something wrong!


Kathy said...

You should have left us a link to read that comment someone left about your comment, so we could have gone and left a good comment about your comment. That didn't make any sense, sorry.

SandyK said...

I hate it when that happens. I had that happen to me at work this week. I made a statement and the other person took it the wrong way and it ended up in a big mess. I have started praying daily that God will help me to think through all the aspects of my words before I speak.

Kentucky Bound said...

Yes, Kathy, your comment did make perfect sense and I agree!

And I also agree with Sandy about what she said about asking God to help us think through all the apsects of our words before we speak (or in some cases hit send).

And Melissa, don't worry about typos or misspelled words! If what you have to say comes from the heart, noone will pay one iota of attention to how things are spelled.

And to you, dear Sister Sherry, I cannot imagine you of all people having said anything that would have given anyone cause to leave a not so nice comment about your comment. Perhaps you struck a nerve with them. Something within their own life that they need to address. Rather than face it and deal with it, they chose to take the attention away from themselves and lash out at you.

:) Blessings!


Well I for one love YOUR comments!!! And blogland is like Disney people should be happy and nice!!!! I KNOW I have typos and my grammer is suthern.... lol and I rant a little off the wall at times but if they do not like it and have the time to say nasty things then they really need our prayers!!!
:)))Have a blessed weekend!!

Nina said...

Have to hurry... tried to comment twice before but computer booted me off both times I hit submit... one more reason why people don't comment? Thanks for visiting my blog today...hitting submit no....please go through, please go through

just lisa said...

I love your comments!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!