“Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road;
make me a fork
, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.” - Jim Elliot

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Give Away: The Blessing

Well, I like that thought... I'm giving away a blessing! er, "the Blessing" by John Waller. Actually, let's make that TWO "blessings"! One for you and one for a friend. I have so totally enjoyed this CD that I wanted to share it with you.

My inspiration for doing another giveaway... Well, I recently won a giveaway at Abundant Curiosities. Thanks, Amy! Amy had us not only leave a comment to enter the drawing... but also made us answer a question in our comment. I like this idea, of course!

the fine print...

So, you will need to leave a comment on this post to enter this drawing,
but you must also answer the question... I've been dying to ask...

Why do you visit blogs and NOT leave a comment?... especially if you frequent a particular blog... feel free to be creative! I am totally looking for excuses!

For example, my mother-in-law still has dial-up and it takes her forever to leave a comment... and I do mean FOREVER!

This question is something that a blogger (well, okay, I'm the blogger) thinks about from time to time. I've seen new bloggers not receive comments and then stop blogging. I've seen bloggers who get more comments than they know what to do with... and are overwhelmed with having to keep up their blog or return responses.

Is this anything like when people forward me an e-mail and I'm supposed to send it to 10 friends or else I'll gain 10 pounds? (Feel free to leave an answer to this in your comment, too!)

You know me... I'm always stirring things up... always pushing the envelope... always trying to learn about friendships... or are they blogships?

We'll pick a random winner on Saturday, February 2nd.

Contest is over. Thanks for participating!


Tamara said...

Hey friend, I'm one of the guilty ones I admit that don't always leave comments. That's for a couple of reasons, none of which are lack of care for the person reading. One "excuse" (LOL) is yes computer problems make it difficult sometimes. I also have to share internet connection with roommate so time is limited, I have about 20-30 blogs I read (I use RSS feed to notifiy me when they are updated) so there are so many. And because I have so many I don't respond to every post but if one in particular is especially meaningful to me (not that the rest aren't meaningful but you know when something really touches the core) then I leave a post. Or if it's really personal I send a separate email so the whole world can't read. Anyways I do love reading your posts and please know that every so often I'll pop in and post (keeps you on your toes as to when and where) LOL. Love ya lots!!

Kentucky Bound said...

First of all, thank you again for being such a blessing to me.

I don't leave a comment every time I visit blog. If a particular entry touches me in some way, I'll comment. I'm relatively new to the land of blog - a virtual stranger. Sometimes I feel almost as though I'm intruding - espeically if it's the first time I've visited. Not all blogs are as warm and inviting as yours. I guess in some ways, I'm still the shy little girl hiding behind her mothers skirts when I'm in a new place or around new people. Only now I'm hiding behind the curtain of anonymity provided by the internet.


SandyK said...

I visit blogs all the time and don't leave comments. I had never really thought about the reasons why. I think one reason is I did not know if bloggers ever looked at the comments that people left. Now that I have entered the world of blogging, I know how cool it is to see new comments that people have left. Another reason is sometimes I just don't know what to say. Some of the posts are just so powerful that it is hard to know how to respond.

Now that I am becoming a blogger though, I am trying to get better at leaving comments even if it is just hello.

Kathy said...

I try to leave comments on the blogs I read all the time, but when I don't leave a comment it is usually one of two reasons. 1) Sometimes I'm at work and I read a blog when I have some down time, but then some work comes in and I have to stop the blog immediately and don't have time to leave a comment. 2) I just don't know what to comment sometimes.


I try to always leave a comment unless the blog is weird to me or I know I will never visit it again. Or unless I am short on time. I especially leave a comment if the person has really touched ME by words, or their actions. I agree some blogs have overwhelming comments while others have few...... I just love my new found friends in the blogging world and hope we all hhave fun while peeking into one anothers lives!!

Anonymous said...

I have no other reason as to why I don't leave a comment other than I do have very slow dial up. I am going to change that in the near future.
Love Ruth

BP said...

The main reason I don't leave a comment is because I don't feel like I really know what to say!

Amel's Realm said...

I agree with Kathy and BP. Sometimes I just don't know what to say, especially if I feel that others have made their comments and I agree with them.

But normally speaking, if I do visit a blog regularly, I'll definitely leave a comment in some of their posts. Only on rare occasions I don't leave a comment on blogs I visit frequently.

Hmmm...it might be interesting to see how I'll survive when my full-time course starts. Maybe then I'll comment less and less...or at least not too long 'coz then I won't have much time to blog-hop.

Anonymous said...

I noticed there was no asterisk in this particular blog. However, just for the record. . . sometimes I have thoughts, but nothing to say! By the time I work these thoughts into something worthy enough to print so much time has passed you would LOL upon receiving a comment.

Now, that is thought provoking!

Grace said...

As for me, I'm new to all of this. As to not always leaving a comment, well, I suppose that's just my snoopy little nature. I tend to 'observe' at parties as well. Won't say much until I've checked out the lay of the land....
Your blog is great! Kudos!

Beloved MaMa said...

Hi Sheri!
I'm so glad I met a fellow blogger in the real world! Is that Kosher to say? (is that even how you spell Kosher? :0) ) I've enjoyed reading your blog. The primary reason I don't leave a comment is sometimes I'm reading while nursing my baby and it's very hard to type with one hand :) Sometimes I visit so many blogs, that I can't comment on every one. If a blog is especially powerful or touches me in a special way...I'll be sure to comment. If I'm hosting a giveaway or a Blog Meme, I make it a point to visit the blogs of those who comment. I'm enjoying your blog...now I will return to reading :)
Beloved MaMa

Anonymous said...

I try to leave comments. I have these amazing dialogues in my head only to discover that thoughts are interupted by three little sillies. -elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for weeks now, and this is the first time I have posted. I stumbled into blog world via my Aunt (vintagegirlatheart) and do not have my own blog yet> So I mostly don't leave comments because I do not feel like I am really part of blog land yet. The other reason I rarely post (except on the few blogs of people I actually know in person) is that some blogs have so many comments, I think "what is the use, if they already have to read 99 comments, will mine really make a difference?"

Thanks for sharing your life with me. I enjoy your blog so much. Also we have something in common-I have a navy blue sofa too, that I only purchased because it was a set and had the right price. But you are right it is so hard to make it fit with my other junque.