“Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road;
make me a fork
, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.” - Jim Elliot

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Beth Moore

Have you ever stopped by Beth Moore's... er, I mean... Living Proof Ministry's blog? If you have enjoyed a Beth Moore Bible Study in the past, I think you would enjoy reading the current posts on Questions and Q&A . Beth gave women 30 minutes to type in any... and I mean any question... and she would try to answer as many as she could.

I have a couple of sites that I like to download podcasts from... and Beth mentioned Dr.James McDonald in Chicago, so I'm excited to listen to something that someone else recommended so highly.

I also found out that Beth is almost completed with a new study on Esther... which peaks my attention because I will be teaching on Esther at the ladies' Bible Study I attend on March 4th.

Okay, but here's the real reason I'm writing about this.... Beth Moore is going to have a Living Proof Live event in Boise, Idaho in May. I want to go...I mean Boise is not all that far from Portland... and it would only be for the night.. but I'm not sure I want to go on my own... Anthony said he would go, well, to Boise that is... since he goes there for work... but he didn't think he would feel like he fit in at a Beth Moore event... I've been to two of these events in the past. Last year in Seattle, WA. And a couple years ago in Portland. And they are really fun to share with other gals... so, think about it. NO PRESSURE! But it would be unforgettable!


BP said...

I always enjoy reading her blog. I would be so excited to hear her in person!

Kathy said...

I left a nice long comment a few minutes ago. It must be lost in cyberspace.

Kathy said...

Well, I guess I'll try it again since that one worked.

I haven't been to any Beth Moore studies, but I do listen to James McDonald on the radio quite often. I love his sermons! Since it's during my lunch break, I've often been eating a WENDY's Frosty while listening, so that now every time I hear his voice, I start craving a Wendy's Frosty! Just yesterday I ate one while listening to him.

elizabeth embracing life said...

boise can only be fun with a bunch of women...really. That would be fun. I love Beth Moore's ministry and can't wait to hear what she has say about Ester.

Ladybug Landing said...

Hi there- Boise, ID... hey that is my home town stomping ground. I will check out the dates and think about it. I have done the road trip far to many times for it to seem exciting, but at least we wouldn't get lost. Love, love, love James McDonald! Big fan... dare I say even more than Beth Moore? He is just a little less emotional, which is good since he is a man, but she is dramatic... in a good way... boy this is sounding negetive towards her and I didn't mean that.

Also, I just realized I don't often leave a comment since I have it linked up on the URL feed, I don't typically go to the real sight where you leave comments so extra steps. How lame is that?

Have a good day friend.

Kentucky Bound said...

A slumber party for big girls! How much fun would that be? I only wish I didn't live clear across the country because I could use an extra-strenth dose of Beth Moore AND some funtastic female fellowship.

P.S. r.e., God's sense of humor - all doubts were erased from my mind May 9, 1989. Send me your e-mail address (flutersmom@aol.com) and I'll tell you the story.

Amy Wagner said...

Hi! I am catching up after having been down with a bug. YUK!!
I also don't know why more people don't break the lurking trend and just LEAVE A COMMENT!!?
Happy Birthday to your husband!!
That yarn looks so soft :)
Thanks for the comment recently left on my post.
Don't let other people get you down- maybe they just had a fly in their Cherrios or something!! Teehee.
I finally sent out your prize from my give away...I didn't forget you, if that's what you wondered- I promise!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an exciting event. Hope that you get to attend.
Love Ruth

DianaLee said...

does anyone know the name of the song and singer Beth quotes in the ESTHER bible study containing the words "living in a pretty little world..."? thank you....