“Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road;
make me a fork
, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.” - Jim Elliot

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Terminal: Life Imitating Art

Did you ever see a movie called "The Terminal"? Where Tom Hanks plays Victor Navorski... and he ends up stuck at JFK airport... and he ends up getting a job, setting up a place to sleep, and outright living at the airport with no chance of getting out of the terminal? Well, that's what we are feeling like considering our 10 hour layover at JFK airport... the very same airport!

I had heard that JFK was not that "great" of an airport from a couple of friendly sources... but we've found a lot to do... free wi-fi for starts,

getting a photo taken by a big Playmobil Pirate figure,

finding a mailbox to mail a NY postcard (with the Statue of Liberty) to someone special,

drinking lots of very expensive bottled water (Yes, it is my ILG hat, but you can see I'm a little sleep deprived! But really... the ILG hat normally works... on a good day... so post a comment on my 100th post to have a chance at your very own...),

a little window shopping

....and I'm really (and I mean really!) thinking about heading across the terminal to Xpress Spa to get a 15 minute back massage.

So, I guess there really is enough at JFK to keep someone busy for 10 hours!


joan said...

Oh my! You really did leave town if you are at JFK!! I haven't been there for thirty years!

Looking forward to meeting with you when you get back and RESTED from your big adventure. I hope you have gobs of fun and see lots of people you love.d

Have a great time!

joan said...

I don't know where that d came from after love--ignore it please. thanks

Anonymous said...

My one and only experience at JFK required me to completely pick up all my luggage and transfer over to Guadalajara airport. Craziness. I too have had to learn to be creative with long layovers - so glad you could at least spend it with loved ones :-) Blessings and love ~ Tamara

Anonymous said...

Sheri & Anthony
Glad that you were able to find something to do at JFK. Glad that you have arrived at your destination.
Love Ruth

Grace said...

Been there; done that! Love the movie! I'm a bit jealous as NYC is a place I haven't played tourist in --- YET!

Melissa said...

JFK, remind me to show you pictures of the last time I was there. Junior High, funny!

Miss you, friend! Good to see a picture of you in your ILG hat. Mine didnt' come in very handy in Hawaii. However, after seeing some photos I think the hat would have made the bikini look a lot better.

Had lunch with Christopher and Bridger today. He's (Christopher) doing great!

Have an amazing time!

elizabeth embracing life said...

Long layovers are fun. Paying $4.00 for a bottled water is not. I have been to JFK as my final distination so never have really wandered there. I am realizing I am having to start here to catch up on your blog. LOL