“Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road;
make me a fork
, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.” - Jim Elliot

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fruit of the Spirit: Outside of the Garden

Sometimes, I think everyone should have a garden. There are so many parables and verses in the Bible that deal with reaping, sowing, growing, tending, watering, roots... By physically gardening, the words of the Bible come to life for me.

Gardening is such a calming hobby for me. My backyard has become an oasis. Amazingly quiet some days... and the weather has been so nice lately... that I'm even dabbling in planting bulbs.

Just me... my garden... and the Lord. It is a solitary time. Refreshing. Renewing. And I love it. Sometimes, I don't want to leave. It is safe in my garden. When I garden, I am never misunderstood. I rarely second guess myself. I never consider my motivation. I don't have to worry... if I get it wrong. There will be a new season... and all will be forgiven... and possibly forgotten.

But the Lord calls me to leave my garden... my safe haven. A place where I would surely spend every moment...

When I leave my garden, I change. I am not as sure of myself. I get it wrong. My motivation is questionable. I second guess myself. I worry... because sometimes there may not be a new season.

In wanting to share my thoughts on my blog... I sometimes have forgotten that some of you may see yourselves in my posts. And some of you truly have. Unfortunately, when I have meant to be pointing the finger at my faults, I may have done so at your convenience. And I am sorry.

It makes me consider... perhaps I shouldn't be writing a blog. I'm almost a little dangerous. Tossing words and thoughts around. There are times when the Lord uses this vessel... and there are times that this vessel brings pain. How do you weigh one against the other?

And so, with hesitation, I continue to write. Being obedient to the Lord. And humbled by the fact that you even read these words at all.


Anonymous said...

Keep writing my friend. You are a blessing


Tamara Henkes

boutcrazy said...

You have truly touched my heart, so please keep writing. I was thinking today as I watched hundreds of people in a pumkin field picking the perfect pumkin...I wouldn't mind having a pumkin patch. I love the way that you talk about gardening. It encourages me to really consider do this. My husband would appreciate it so would my yard.

elizabeth embracing life said...

Sheri keep writing with the intend of blessing other's through the experiences, ponderings, and relationship you have in Christ. Perhaps there will be times when I read, and then reflect on my own life. Perhaps I may even think...is she talking about me (have not thought that yet, but perhaps). If in that thinking I get uncomfortable because your words reflect in my life and cause me to do some sober estimating of my life and walk with Christ then you my dear have been the vessel needed to bring truth and light. We alls share from our hearts the best ways we know how. I love your writings, thoughts and am always mindful of the writer and what experiences bring understanding of self and God. Thanks.

BP said...

I pray you keep writing. You have such a gift. Your words have blessed, encouraged, and touched my heart many times.

This is another example today. I love all you said about your garden and the safety there.

Tammy said...

Keep writing my friend. It is a blessing and if it makes us look at our lives then God is speaking to us through you and that can only bring us closer to Him. You have a way with words so follow your heart.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, keep writing- and I struggle with the same thing...speaking my mind- in sometimes not so beloved ways- and yet- didn't Paul do this as well? and others in the bible? You bless...you really do :o)