“Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road;
make me a fork
, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.” - Jim Elliot

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 11, 2001

Originally aired on September 11, 2008
Where Were You?

There are certain events in our lives that mark us. That change how we are. That change how we think... that mature us too quickly... and make us wonder...

I had not been born when President Kennedy had been assassinated.
Two days before I was born Martin Luther King, Jr. had been killed.

But I do remember where I was when I heard about
The Challenger crash in 1986
Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995
Columbine in 1999

and the World Trade Centers in 2001.

I was asleep when the first plane hit. I woke up and Anthony had the television on... I watched in disbelief as over and over and over again the first plane hit the building. I remember thinking that there must not have been anyone on board. There couldn't be. That plane had to be empty.

And then it came. The second plane. Well, I just thought they were replaying the first plane. No, a second plane. And within a few minutes someone at the Pentagon saying they felt something. And I thought "What an overreaction... nothing could happen to the Pentagon." On and on it went.

I went to Bible Study that Tuesday morning. I thought we would all be taking the morning to pray. But it was business as usual. I think we came together on Wednesday night to pray... You see living on the west coast... we weren't in the midst of it all. It took some time feel the aftershocks.

We were supposed to get on a plane on Friday, September 14th of 2001. Anthony's brother was to get married on the 15th. Anthony and Christopher were to be in the wedding. Could we get there? How about a train or could we drive? Not enough time at this point.

And on Friday the 14th quiet airports started to hum again. Yes, our flight was one of the first to take-off. But our parents begged us not to... not even for a wedding. They could not live with themselves if something happened to our flight. The unknowing. The fear.

We stayed home and grieved. Being away from family during good times and bad... is so very difficult. I remember Anthony's mom telling us that she asked that the wedding photographer not take a family photo... since not all of the family was there.

I had been to the top of the World Trade Center back in 1985. I used to work just minutes from the Pentagon. I would pass it each morning on the way to work. We still fly in and out of Dulles Airport on United Airlines.

It's not the same anymore. Christopher will never know of a world without 9/11. And even though he was too young to remember. He will never be able to forget.

We will never forget.

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Heidi said...

I was living in Toronto, Ontario Canada when 9/11 happened. Today was a day of celebration for my entire family. It was my brother's birthday.

It was too early his time to call my big brother and embarrass him with my sinister singing. I normally don't watch the news or tv. This morning while I waited..I did.

Immediately the screen was showing this plane (first one) banging into this beautiful building. Thought "this is awful! how can people think up such tragic sick stuff and then make it a TV show". Channel surfing I couldn't escape this awful show! WAIT...the slow learner in me realized this is No TV show..REALITY.

I dropped to my knees and sobbed when I realized this was the news and live TV. I watched the horror in disbelief. Knowing if I looked out my apt window I probably could see evidence of the aftermath lingering in the sky. My heart bled!!

Alexander was 10 months old. I had to get out of the apt and away from the news, it was choking me. Upon opening the door with my precious bundle bobbing down the long hallway,I was paralysed by fear. The majority of the residents in my building were of that very nationality that carried out that heinous act towards my country.

Stepping into the elevator were 2 men casually speaking of the event. One said in his broken english "I think they are over reacting". OVERREACTING??! I'll show you overreacting!!! How hard can your heart be? I bit my lip and kept quiet.

Looking back now I realize I was drawing conclusions.They could've been referring to something totally different. Never thought I'd say this but "thank you Lord for giving me the spirit of shyness". Should I have said what I wanted? OH MAAAAN!!

We went down town to the embassy with some flowers. There was such an out pour of love from the people around. You couldn't walk on the side walk due to the bouquets, notes and people blanketing the grounds. Police were all around. It was beautiful but also very melancholy.

I will never forget where I was on that day. Every time my cousin is sent to Iraq (2x now) and soon to Afghanistan the deep slash in my heart, my families and many many hearts of others is driven deeper. However, We all (that know Christ) take peace that God knows all, God protects all, God heals all, God will deliver all, God loves all and God is all good.