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make me a fork
, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.” - Jim Elliot

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Special Broadcast by sister sheri
Esther Week 1, Day 5

Dear sisters (and brothers!)

Thank you for stopping by and visiting The Leaking Window! Please bear with me as I begin the study of Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman. Some of the posts may be specific in nature to the study (like today's) but others will be similar in format to my normal blogging.

Please feel free to join me as I do this Bible Study. I am so excited that my natural born sister has decided to join me from 3,000 miles away... so we can do the study "together"!

I've also started a Facebook Group specifically for those of us who are going through the study right now. Let me know if you would like to join us. I'd love to link your blog posts... or any thoughts you have. We're on this adventure together! (And by the way... if you want to make the cookie recipe on page 224 and let me have a sample... I am all for that!)

I so appreciate you taking your time to stop by and read my ramblings. I think of you every day... and I pray that this blog in some way brings you encouragement to draw closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.


sister sheri

This link that will give you more details about this Bible Study. It also includes endnotes, viewer guide answers and more. Look for the downloadable PDFs at the bottom of the page. If you're interested in viewing individual sessions or audio sessions, you can stop by here and order them.


We will be introduced to The Feast of Purim later in the book of Esther. However, Beth encourages us to keep track of our own "P-U-R-I-M" of the Book of Esther or keeping a chart of


Below you will find my answers for P-U-R-I-M (some from the book... some from me... and some from the gals at my Bible Study table) for the first chapter of Esther. You'll find a pullout in the back of the book.

PLEASE let me know of your P-U-R-I-M findings so that I can pass them on to other ladies, too.

Parties -
180-day Display of Wealth
7-day Banquet for least to greatest
Banquet for Women given by Vashti

Why Vashti refused the command

Memucan "rescues" King Xerxes pride

Xerxes can't control own wife but commands others to do so
Vashti's refusal = her ultimate punishment

Vashti's refusal
King's decree


Sherrie said...

I have a few P.U.R.I.M of my own after week one.
Here they are:
Unknowns: What happened to Esther's (Hadassah) real parents?

Rescues: Mordecai rescued Esther when she was young/took her as his own after the loss of her parents.

Ironies;It was the 7th year of King Xeres that Esther came to him. Seven signifies completion in the Bible.

Moments;Esther won favor in the sight of all who saw her,(Chpt 2:15b)

a portland granny said...

This is all sounding like "Greek" to me. I think I better just stick to my study of Hebrews and glean what I can about your study from your posts.

I am always impressed with what you get from your lessons, therefore I know it will be truly meaningful to you.

Your energy and excitement about being in the Word is an inspiration to me....and a challenging example, also.

Looking forward to a good visit tomorrow!!

june said...

do you have any more PURIM comments? My church is doing the study and I am helping the women understand. I could use the help of these examples!