“Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road;
make me a fork
, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.” - Jim Elliot

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Worth The Trip

As we got closer it seemed as if the 2 hour side trip wouldn't be what we expected.  Anticipating beautiful scenery that had been photographed and enticed us to go out of our way, we were hoping for more.  Trying to joke it off and make the best of it, we conceded that when we had visited Yosemite the beauty had popped out of nowhere and so hoped that this wonder of God would do the same.

The Painted Hills of Oregon.  We arrived and realized why they were called hills... and not mountains.  Waiting for something majestic... we settled in to see what we could salvage of the trip.

Anthony's photography has put him on a treasure hunt.  Hunting for the wonders of God.  And although there is a lot of downtime for Christopher and me while we wait for the perfect photo... we have come to appreciate the beauty of nature in a new way.  Looking at how the sun kisses a snowy mountain.  Or how a tree frames a view of a lake.  Or the intricacies of a leaf.  We have become hunters ourselves... just without the camera.

And so as we drew closer to the painted hills we began to see the depth of the colors and contrasts of the textures and the symmetry of the layers of the hills.  And it was as if we just needed to get closer to have all these things revealed to us.  We needed to be drawn to the hills.  We needed to take the drive out of our way.  We needed to get closer.  We needed to stand still.  And we needed to look. 

And there it was... the beauty was revealed... slowly at first, but then completely.  We had never seen anything like it.  And the longer we stayed... the more we saw... and appreciated.  Not wanting to leave but to bask in the beauty.  Knowing we would want to come back one day... because after all... it was worth the trip.

And as I pondered how we had gone out of our way... and at first thought we were disappointed... but then to see the beauty revealed... reminded me of how I experience God.  There are times when I start to read my Bible and it seems distant and not quite worth the time.  But as I draw deeper into the word and continue reading and waiting and looking... it is then when God reveals Himself to me.  And I begin to see the wonders in His Word.  And I begin to see the colors and textures and layers that are intricately painted on the pages of my Bible... and I am amazed... in awe... of the wonders of God.

It is as if the beauty of His love is revealed... slowly at first, but then completely.  And the longer I read... the more I experience Him... and appreciate Him.  And soon realize that I do not want to leave but to bask in His beauty.  Knowing I would want to come back the next day... because after all... it is worth the trip.


Amy said...

Beautiful words!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Stunning pictures... wow, what an artist we're seeing emerge on your blog; thanks for sharing these awesome "paintings" via the lens! Oh the shape and texture of God's Word... it's been a hard read for me lately, but slowly God is revealing his texture and majesty as I linger with Him, not rush Him!


Lora said...

Amen to your words. And glory hallelujah to Anthony's pictures...

It is so worth the trip!