“Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road;
make me a fork
, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.” - Jim Elliot

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And in my heart I knew... I was going to Houston.

Siestas - Linda, Sheri, Beth Moore, Jackie and Charlotte
I had decided that I wasn't going to go.  To Houston.  To see Beth Moore.  To celebrate another year of memorizing scripture.  To see wonderful women who I had met in January 2010.  I was not going to go.  

Well, actually I had planned on going, but after a year of dealing with the TSA on multiple occasions... I vowed that my travel via airplane would be severely limited.  And I meant it.  Of course, I did.

But when our son, Christopher, returned from a recent Christian Youth Convention I felt a familiar nudge.  A nudge that reminded me that sometimes... we need to get away.  Get away and get with God.  Have a spiritual retreat.  Hear a word from the Word of God.  Be separate.  Set apart.  And in my heart I knew... I was going to Houston.

I have kept in touch with quite a few Siestas that I met in January of 2010 via Facebook.  Wonderful women who encourage me.  I can't wait to hug their necks... and perhaps stop by Pappasito's... and don a little something feathery and pink. 

I would love to know if you'll be there.  

Just a post from the past to remind me of the future...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration!
I'm Not Exactly What You Call a Redneck...

I arrived in Houston yesterday afternoon to SUN and warmth.  The sun actually warms your skin as it hits you.  Oh my!  It is sweet... and I even remembered to bring my sunglasses and sandals. 

It had been suggested (by Siesta Anne) to wear something pink to recognize one another at the airports and throughout the weekend.  If you were brave enough... or silly enough... they suggested a pink boa.  I am wearing a bright pink feather boa which attracts a lot of siestas and attention!  But it is molting! and unbeknownst to me - staining my clothes and neck!  So, I'm not exactly what you call a redneck... but I guess you could call me a pinkneck? 
Thursday morning, I flew from Portland to Seattle.  When I got on the plane in Seattle I noticed two gals wearing pink scarves... and I asked them if they were going to see Beth.  They were and then they pointed out the other Siestas who coincidentally (wink) were sitting around us.  We hadn't planned it... but God did.  There were seven of us within three rows of each other.  I even got to sit next to Siesta Angie.  Other Siestas were Marybeth, Donna, Emily, Marykay and Amanda.  Seven in all!

I met up with Siesta Jackie (aka Rooney) at the airport.  We had found each other through Siesta Angie's spreadsheet.  Siesta Charlotte and her mom Julie also had hooked up with Siesta Jackie.

I am so glad I did not rent a car on my own!  I read the directions as Siesta Jackie drove.  I would have been in tears if I would have had to navigate the streets of Houston on my own.

Thursday night, we hopped in the hotel's stretch limo and had dinner at PF Changs.  Yum!  And returned to a hotel which had been ordered by the city to turn off the water for emergency repairs.  We had to fill our tubs just in case of emergency, and the hotel provided bottled water and antiseptic wipes.  It really was a non issue... but memorable oddly enough.

We started meeting more and more ladies who had traveled alone to the SSTMC.  They were drawn to us because of our boas... and we jokingly said... "We've met our new BFFs for the first time!"  We would invite them to ride with us to the church... or join us for dinner.  Always amazed at how quickly we bonded.  A lot of people mistook us as having come together because we chatted together like lifelong friends... which is what we are now.

Today we hung out in the Presidential Suite at the Omni.  LPM had reserved it for the Siestas as just a place to meet.  Charlotte, Jackie and I were up there reviewing our memory verses as ladies came in to chat or just check out the room.  We met siestas who stopped by... like Danelle, Eleanor, Sheila and Janice.  You just might end up seeing some of them on my Facebook!

And of course, the SUN was here... bright and vivid and WARM!  I sat by the pool just soaking it in!  (I am serious when I say that it immediately "brightened" my day!)
Siestas Sheri, Charlotte, Anne & Linda

We met Amanda (Beth's daughter) as we left the hotel parking lot... and of course, took plenty of photos.  We told her we were going to Papasito's and she highly recommended the chicken fajitas... and was she right!  While at dinner, Siesta Anne was about to dine on her own, but we pulled her right in... and she is just a delight!  Well, you would have to be if you were the one who thought of the pink feather boas, right?

We arrived at the church to meet our 507 other BFFs.  We met in Beth's former Bible Study room.  Still we stood at the door for almost an hour waiting to get good seats, but any seat was a good seat!  Amanda, Melissa and Travis were there along with all the other wonderful LPM staff.

Then I saw Siesta Christina who I met on Audrey's spreadsheet via blogland... and she lives in Roseburg, OR.  Sounds like a roadtrip to me!  Of course, there are a couple of ladies trying to convince me to fly to Lexington, Kentucky for the Beth Moore conference in August... and what about the one in Spokane, Washington in October?

LPM hard working staff.

And then... Beth shared how they were audio taping the event... and how the other 1,500 Siestas who completed their 24 verses would be able to download the event.  She soooo missed you Siestas!  And the rest of us, too!

Well, I better get to bed.  I have to get up and pack in the morning so I can check out and head to the event... and hang out with some amazing women... and then hop on a plane back to Oregon tomorrow night... where with anticipation... I'll be walking through the security area... leaving the gate area... and I will see a familiar sight... and feel a familiar tug.  There will be people (Anthony and Christopher!) lined up waiting anxiously for me to walk through the security area... and well, I have to tell you I am looking forward to that moment... when I am waited for... looked for... and feel special... even if it took a little planning ahead of time!


Krystle said...

Ah....can I be jealous without sinning?? :)
I was sure I was going to go...but alas. Not in the budget. It's okay though, I'm holding out hope for the next one!
SO excited for you! Give Siesta Mama hugs from me :) :)

elizabeth embracing life said...

How did I miss your 2010 post or did I not remember. What a blessing to make this journey again.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Linda, next to you in the top picture, attends the church where my parents attended for years. They know each other well.

So glad you get to go this year.