“Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road;
make me a fork
, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.” - Jim Elliot

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hodgepodge - Lentperiment

1.  This week marks the beginning of Lent...will you be giving something up or adding anything to your life during this season of the year?
Just today one of the gals I mentor sent me a text that asked if I would be doing the 40 Day Prayer Challenge with Mark Batterson over Lent.  Last year, I joined the Experilent and really gained from the experience.  This year he is calling it Lentperiment.  I just finished The Circle Maker, so I am ready to keep it going.  Can't wait to find out more about it on Wednesday. 

2. The day before Lent is Shrove Tuesday... tradition states you eat pancakes on this day. In some parts of the world Shrove Tuesday is actually known as 'pancake day'. How do you like your pancakes? Or don't you?
What?  I missed it?  A holiday that condones eating pancakes?  I will need to catch up on all the years I've missed!

3.  I'm sure there are many, but what's one love song you really love?
The song that was sung at our wedding 25 years ago on August 27th, 1988. 
Security by Leon Patillo
When a man has found a wife,
he has found a good thing for his life,

And the woman will agree:
companionship has made her feel so complete.

With you and me, and the Lord up above,
we have security,
We have security.

You fill my life with so much joy,
I can't even remember how I was before,

And though sometimes we disagree,
you still know that I love you, and you love me.

With you and me, and the Lord up above,
we have security,
We have security.

What God has joined together, let no man put asunder,
Nothing can separate you from me,

I worship and adore you, put no one else before you,
This is my vow to you, my love, through all eternity.

And now, at last, I understand:
our love was made in Heaven, before the worlds began,

And, as we dream as lovers do,
pray that all we hope for will come true.

With you and me, and the Lord up above, we have security,
With you and me, and the Lord up above, we have security,
We have security.

We have security,
With you and me, and the Lord up above,
We have security.

4.  What are some things you do to let others know you love them?
Sometimes a smile and a hug can be a lot of love!
5.  Roses...red, pink, or do you prefer another color? Can you recall the last time someone gave you flowers? Given your choice would you like to open the door and see a dozen red roses, a dozen purple tulips, or a dozen pink peonies?
My rose color has always been yellow, but I will take any color!
A couple weeks ago, my husband and I were walking into the grocery store and he grabbed a bouquet of flowers for me.  I felt the love!
Pink peonies.

6.  President's Day will be celebrated in America next Monday. Does US Presidential history and trivia interest you?  Many Presidential homes are open to the public and offer guided tours...Monticello (Jefferson's home), Mount Vernon (Washington's home), Montpelier (James Madison's home), Hyde Park (FD Roosevelt's home) and The White House (home to the sitting President) to name just a few. Of those listed which would you be most interested in touring?  Why?
I do find US Presidential history and trivia to be fascinating.  And I would love to visit any of those homes.  I have already toured The White House, but would do so gladly, again.

7.  Are you good at keeping secrets?
I'd tell you, but then I'd have to...

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
I revealed one of my beauty secrets today.  The gal thought it was funny, but it's TRUE. 
If I feel that my eyebrows have gotten totally unruly, I will let my hair be a bit of a mess.  That way people will look at my hair and think, "Wow!  Sheri really should put more time into doing something with her hair." As opposed to, "Wow!  Sheri really should mow her unibrow."  


Kara said...

Well, that's certainly one way to divert their attention from your brows. Made me laugh! :D And good luck with your pancake eating! :)


..........love #7 answer.

So, I can picture this; you signing up for a pancake eating contest and winning!!! Hands down.

Steve Finnell said...

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April said...

Love the eyebrow cover-up...very clever! Beautiful song lyrics...I've never heard it before.

retired not tired said...

I wear jewellry so people won't notice that I am fat.

My Kid's Mom said...

Love the unibrow tip!

Joyce said...

I love your beauty tip : ) I've never heard that song, but the lyrics are lovely.

We had a song called Together sung at our wedding almost 29 years ago. It's by Roger Strader and the words are beautiful. I've never been able to find a recording of it online, but the lyrics are out there.

bp said...

I saw the Circle Maker in a book review site I think. Is it good?