“Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road;
make me a fork
, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.” - Jim Elliot

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Me and The Fresh Prince

Me and The Fresh Prince
I guess they ran out of time for the ~topher.

I hate keeping secrets.  Especially from those I love.  But I can and I do.

Over a week ago I found out that Christopher had been chosen as the Homecoming Freshman Class Prince.  And he wouldn't find out until today.  It's been a long week of close calls.

They had asked the parents to announce their child's name to the Homecoming Court along with a story about them.  Okay, how was I going to do that without embarrassing him???  I secretly prayed that he would find out, so that I could ask him what I should say.  But, alas... that did not happen.  You weren't to announce their name until the very end, so people could guess, so last night I decided to write out a couple riddle clues that would reveal who he was without sharing too much.

Here are some fun riddles.clues.randomfacts.insidejokes about The Fresh(man) Prince:
For additional insight I've added some information in italics that I didn't use in the introduction.

  1. He would say his claim to fame is that he is the only native Oregonian on our family tree.  We are ALL from the East Coast!
  2. But you would think he lives in Baltimore when he cheers for baseball.  Orioles.
  3. Or Dallas (and Baltimore) when he cheers for football. Cowboys and Ravens.
  4. Or Anaheim for ice hockey. Ducks.  Today was support your favorite sports team for Spirit week so all these clues made sense to me. 
  5. But you know for sure Portland is his hometown when he cheers in the TA "Rose City Til I Die." If you received a Christmas Card... our favorite sports team is our Major League Soccer Team, the Portland Timbers.  We sit in the TA or Timbers Army.  Rose City is Portland's nickname.
  6. And as far as basketball is concerned… he is only happy when Mike & Mike call the game.  They are two local announcers for the Portland Trailblazers.  Win or lose they are on the hometeam!
  7. And the college team in Corvallis is his favorite.  Oregon State Beavers.
  8. Most students wouldn't be interested in getting an F.  But he is.  Well, as a bass (baritone) who wouldn't want to be able to hit an F sharp?  On the TV show The Sing Off there was a country group that sang Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash and one of the guys hit an F sharp so low you could barely hear it!
  9. If you saw the performances of A Mid Summer Night’s Dream, you would know “The Butler Did it!” Christopher played the butler in the play earlier in the year.
  10. He hates when his parents call his favorite game “Minesweeper.”  Mommm, it is called "Minecraft"!!!!!!
  11. Some would say he only wears graphic t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and nike elites. Of course, not today when I am announcing him... of all days!
  12. He just went to Comic Con and got to see the man who inspired his childhood superhero.  Yes, despite what others may protest… Spiderman is a superhero.  One of his teachers insists that Spiderman is not a superhero.  But he really is!!!!
  13. He’ll have a new stamp in his passport next week as he travels to Ethiopia and Uganda on a missions trip sharing the love of God to local missionaries and orphans.  Leaving in a week.  Wait, what???
  14. He has never been called shy.  Have you met my son?
  15. He is happy to be known as different.  Have you met my son?
  16. And his final claim to fame?  He is my favorite son.  To which he would say… “Mom, I’m your only son.” And I reply, “True, but you’re still my favorite.”
I was relieved to know that I did not embarrass him... but wait for it!  Because we get to go to Homecoming!!!  And you never know what his dad might do!

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bp said...

How special that you got to do this! Good job in the clues!